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South East Vets
314 Commercial St West
Mount Gambier
SA 5290

08 8725 5855
08 8723 0033



Here at South East Vets we have a number of Vets experienced in all aspects of individual and flock problems in sheep.

As members of the Australian Sheep Veterinarians and being accredited under APAV, we are able to advise and test on a number of bio-security matters including Ovine Brucellosis, Ovine Johnes Disease and footrot.

We provide a service to producers that include;

  • Diagnosis and treatment of sick sheep on an individual and flock basis
  • Obstetrical work including lambings, caesareans and prolapse treatment
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pre and post lambing diseases in ewes including pregnancy toxaemia and nutritional deficiencies
  • Advice on parasite control and management
  • Nutritional advice
  • Pre-joining examination of rams
  • Ill Thrift in lambs investigation