Pregnancy diagnosis

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Dr Andrew Hoare is accredited under the National Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis Scheme (NCPD) for both manual and ultrasound diagnosis and as such offers the highest degree of accuracy possible. NCPD vets are audited annually and as such are the only pregnancy testers able to tail-tag and certify cattle for sale according their stage of pregnancy.

Besides years of experience in manual pregnancy testing, our Clinic is equipped with a range of state of the art BCF Duo Scan and Easi Scan ultrasound machines that are suitable for use in cattle and horses. 

To get the most from your pregnancy testing we recommend early pregnancy diagnosis. For the most accurate ageing of pregnancies we recommend having the pregnancy diagnosis performed between 6-14 weeks. Our accuracy in ageing at this 6-12 week age period for the fetus is within 1 week, making drying off dairy cows or splitting calving groups in beef herds much more accurate. After 14 weeks the ageing accuracy decreases, but yes/no pregnancy diagnosis is commonly performed on these stages of pregnancy, right up until calving. Earlier pregnancy diagnosis is generally easier than later (6-8 month pregnancy) diagnosis due to the location of the uterus and fetus, especially when using ultrasound diagnosis.

Below are some commonly used pregnancy diagnosis programs

  • 30 days pregnancy diagnosis for resynchrony programs in dairy cattle,
  • 5-14 week pregnancy diagnosis with fetal ageing (for the best possible ageing in dairy and beef herds)
  • 6-16 week pregnancy diagnosis without fetal ageing (for beef herds)
  • over 16 weeks (4 month)
  • Dry off pregnancy diagnosis (dairy herds)