On Farm Veterinary Service

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South East Vets
314 Commercial St West
Mount Gambier
SA 5290

08 8725 5855
08 8723 0033



At South East Vets, we provide a 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, ambulatory service to cater for all livestock species.  We have a number of Veterinarians on hand to meet your needs promptly and with a high quality of service. All our Vets are continually upskilling with further education to meet the continuing and increasing demands of livestock producers. We employ the latest techniques and equipment, from a range of ultra-sounds to in-house and on-farm laboratory testing to quickly and efficiently assess the health status of your animals.


Individual animal examinations are most commonly seen but herd and flock problems are a continuing and increasing reason for on farm attendance. We are often called out for:

  • Obstetrical problems such as calvings, prolapses and uterine infections
  • Caesarians
  • Downer cows, both pre and post calving
  • Lameness examinations and treatment
  • Surgical correction of abdominal accidents, torsions and obstructions
  • Surgery for eye cancers and traumatic injuries
  • General sickness and ill-thrift and many other varied conditions
  • Traumatic injuries often requiring surgery
  • Disease outbreaks and sudden death examinations
  • Colics and stitch ups


We provide a Veterinary service for all animals, including health advice, disease prevention and all forms of emergency care.