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South East Vets
314 Commercial St West
Mount Gambier
SA 5290

08 8725 5855
08 8723 0033



The Veterinarians at South East Vets have been looking after horses around Mount Gambier for many years and routinely are called to emergencies such as colic's, lacerations and cuts. When you horse is looking or feeling a little under the weather, we also have up to date laboratory testing facilities in-clinic, so we can give you information regarding the well being of your horse earlier than if we had to send samples away to a lab.


Dental health

At South East Vets we understand the importance of your horse or pony having a great set of teeth so they can eat well and maintain their weight. With Companion horses, this is especially important due to their age and diet, regular dental maintenance is required to prevent problems when your horse becomes older. Problems we have commonly encountered include lost or loose molar teeth, sharp edges of teeth irritating the cheek and tongue, overgrown teeth preventing correct chewing and horses dropping food as they eat.

We use Power Float TM dental equipment to correct overgrowth and perform maintenance dentistry on your horse or pony. To provide your animals with the best experience we routinely use sedation and pain relief while performing dental work, allowing us to perform the best examination, diagnosis and treatment.