Bull Breeding Soundness Examination

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Our large animal vets are members of the Australian Cattle Vets and we carry out a comprehensive Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Examination (VBBSE) aimed at finding sub-fertile bulls. This includes a full physical examination, serving ability test (as necessary) and semen evaluation. The semen evaluation is performed crush side using a microscope to assess individual sperm motility, concentration and then followed by laboratory assessment of semen morphology. This allows us to give you a more detailed assessment of the likely fertility of your breeding stock.


Our semen collection is conducted with a “Lane Pulsator IV”, an imported ejaculator that allows for consistent, efficient and low stress semen collection.


Testing of your bulls 2-3 months prior to joining is a good way for both Dairy and Beef herds to minimise sub-optimal performance. In doing so, it gives confidence in the management of the bull power necessary for good reproductive performance.